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The team of International Genealogical Center — is a team of professionals in love with their work

In our opinion, genealogy is not just a strict science. It is traditionally interpreted as the process of collection and compilation of information about the origins and the legacy of families and dynasties. We consider it widely and realise the growing role of deep historical and philosophical retrospections within the development of families and dynasties.

It is impossible to imagine a family without its specific spiritual, moral and ideological values that have been forming and deepening within centuries, influenced by sufferings and changes, inherited from generation to generation. This personal level is the basis and key element for the national idea that integrates nations and social structures. The adequate image of the Grand Narrative, we all miss today...

We provide professional assistance to the clients of our center during the process of genealogical investigation

The major mission of our center is to provide active and professional help to our clients in the process of discovering their personal participation in the world history, genealogical origins, as well as the historical and philosophical research. We identify and preserve the spiritual principles of families and dynasties, eliminate the temporary failures between generations and transfer the accumulated memory to descendants as an impartial and multi-faceted historical summary, which can become the basis for new historical and philosophical ideas, conclusions and experiences. Thus, real-life examples and family files help to realise how each family and its multitude lines are linked with the overall cycle of history. We discover the details about how our ancestors met their fates, overcame hard times and made fateful decisions.

In order to implement this mission, we have gathered a unique team of archivists, historians, genealogists, heraldists, journalists, photographers, writers, artists, designers, IT specialists, etc.

Scientific approach, objectivity, reliability, impartiality and confidentiality

Coordinated work of such a diverse team is provided by an original organisational system built on the basis of constant online interaction between full-time employees and project-based freelancers, as well as the widespread use of digital data processing technologies for original materials, and long-term cooperation with many specialised firms.

Firstly, we created a flexible working structure, which allows concentrating resources on the territories and subjects of search efficiently and quickly, depending on the specific features of our projects. Secondly, we achieved a wide diversity in assortment of our final products our work can be designed in a unique genealogical book with inlaid leather cover, artistically executed genealogical tree scheme, individually structured electronic materials, documentaries, photo-collections of high quality, historical and reconstructive feature films...

The efficiency of our work management principles comprehensively reflects the genealogical research traditions developed over the centuries: scientific, objective, reliable, impartial and confidential approach.

We formed a unique team comprising archivists, historians, genealogists, heraldists, and others...
We help realising the meaning of each family
in the whirligig of history
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